Company number 2113069
A & A BOULTON LIMITED was incorporated on 31 Mar 2008 as a NZ Limited Company registered at Noone Plus Ltd, 1 Cains Terrace, Timaru, 7910 , New Zealand. The AR filing month for this nz limited company is September. The company's status is listed as Registered and it's listed in the following classification: E324415 Interior painting and decorating .
A & A Boulton Limited has been operating for 10 years 6 months, and 18 days.
Business No.
Company Name
Date of Incorporation
31 Mar 2008
Company Type
NZ Limited Company
Active Status
Registered Office address
Noone Plus Ltd, 1 Cains Terrace, Timaru, 7910 , New Zealand
Service address
Noone Plus Ltd, 1 Cains Terrace, Timaru, 7910 , New Zealand
Constitution Filed
Ultimate Holding
E324415 Interior painting and decorating
2018-09-09 09:09:49

AR filing month

September , Last filed on 05 Sep 2018

Directors (1)

Andrea Vanessa BOULTON

61 Wesney Terrace, Kingston, 9793 , New Zealand
Appointed on
31 Mar 2008
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